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Fall 2012 Workshop


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  Fall 2012 Workshop by Bill Degnan - 10/31/2012 19:12
Doug and Ian working on a Zenith Z-19 terminal

Another successful workshop, this time at my house in Landenberg, PA.

Systems tackled at this event include
a Burroughs TD 833 6800 processor based terminal, MARCH's Commodore PET 2001-8, two more PETs, two MITS Altairs (8800 and 8800a), a Hazeltine 1510, TRS 80 Model 1, Zenith Z-19, Northstar Horizon, Cybernetic Mathiputer, and an ASR 33 Teletype.

After jumpering a Processor Technologies 3P+S for 110 baud 20mA current loop, Jon toggled up a test program and with great anticipation sent a "D" character to the Teletype.

More photos. Note, I did not get pictures of the PETs, TRS 80, Mathiputer or Northstar Horizon.



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