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Hot Rodding Your Commodore 64 / C-128


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  Hot Rodding Your Commodore 64 / C-128 by Bill Degnan - 10/02/2012 15:55
Picked up one of these uIEC units, with a custom case, at the Vintage Computer Festival MidWest. Jim Brain invented the uIEC. It's an SD card reader that works on any Commodore system that can attach to a 1541 drive, plus it includes JiffyDOS. With JiffyDOS and the uIEC, you achieve the luxury of subdirectories and fast access to thousands of programs. Amazing.


I am amazed at the modern after-market C64 hardware products that keep Commodore systems connected to today's hardware.

My "every day" JiffyDOS C-128 System. I recently replaced the keyboard, that's why it looks a tad darker than the rest of the system. Since this picture was taken I fixed the red LED.

  iUEC Drive Browser Utility by Bill Degnan - 01/12/2013 12:46
Passing this along..

Alan Reed has released NAV, a C64 file browser designed for navigating the uIEC drive and other SD2IEC devices. It also works with the IDE64 (thanks to Schema) and 'real' Commodore drives. NAV
lets you navigate up to five drives, reads D64/D71/D81/DNP/M2I disk
images, and can be controlled by 1351 mouse, joystick, or keyboard.
For more info including screenshots and D64 download, visit Alan's Commodore Server blog at



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