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Vintage Computer Festival MW 2012


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  Vintage Computer Festival MW 2012 by Bill Degnan - 09/24/2012 12:57
Exhibitors setting up their booths in the ECCC room

Nick brought his restored PDP 8 front panel-driven 6800 processor S-100 computer. We look forward to more developments with this system. Click image for larger view. (More photos link below.)

The whole C-64 scene is vibrant and connected to today's computing. Here is a C-64C with a Commodore Flyer Internet Modem + Disk Drive Emulator Click image for larger view.

Here's a Digital VT-131 being driven by a Spare Time Gizmos SBC 6120. Click image for larger view.

This was my mainframes of the Mid-Atlantic exhibit, featuring a Burroughs SAGE module and UNIVAC-II, UNIVAC 1219, UNIVAC 1110 modules. Also on display were vintage reference books, a Digi-Comp I, and the amplifier from a Donner 3500 Analog computer. Click image for larger view.

Steve wins the coveted "first to smoke" award with his room-clearing Osborne I. Steve's huge lot of Apple II and MAC SE's for sale was quite impressive.

More Pictures (Sorry I did not get everything, I only post photos that come out clearly...)



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