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Cybernetic Systems Inc. Mathiputer


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  Cybernetic Systems Inc. Mathiputer by Bill Degnan - 08/10/2012 15:30
The 1975 Cybernetic Systems, Inc Mathiputer. Click image for larger view.

This device is intended to instruct children on basic math skills. Not functional, needs to be cleaned and tested. more to come.

  Mathiputer Diagnostics by Bill Degnan - 08/26/2012 16:39
The motherboard is located in display chassis. Note all of the Fairchild chips, dated from 1973-'74. I have identified the suspect transistor and resistor that are out of spec, but more issues are likely present. I noticed that someone attempted to re-solder a number of connections, perhaps in an effort to repair the unit at some time in the past. Click image for larger view.

A Fairchild SL30342 with a production date of early April 1974.



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