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Two New S-100 Boards


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  Two New S-100 Boards by John Monahan - 07/09/2012 17:51
For those interested in S-100 Bus systems and corresponding CPM software, Andrew Lynch & I (John Monahan) have just finished constructing a second prototype of an S-100 Bus video board capable of SVAG video resolution. For those interesting in a better S-100 video display you might want to take a look at this board. It is capable of displaying a very crisp 100 characters per line display. It is based on the LAVA-10 video chip set. This is a Xilinx Spartan 3 FPGA module. Please see here for more details:-

We have also completed a prototype 80286 S-100 master/slave S-100 CPU board. In my system this runs with a clock speed of 12MHz. It is the next stepping stone from our earlier 8088 and 8086 CPU boards. It works with the 20 or so other S-100 boards we have done and allows one to boot CPM86 or MSDOS (V4.1) with our IDR and ZFDC controller boards. Please see here for more details:-

We are now about to have made production boards for both these boards. Note, these are bare boards and will be ~$20/board. These boards are only for hobbyists and though some help can be provided on forums you need to have a working knowledge of these systems to get them to work.



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