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Lee Felsenstein Visits MARCH / Workshop


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  Lee Felsenstein Visits MARCH / Workshop by Bill Degnan - 07/05/2012 13:03
Lee Felsenstein 2012 MARCH Workshop
Pioneering microcomputer advocate and engineer Lee Felsenstein paid us a visit at our most recent MARCH club event June 30 / July 1st 2012. That's me in the middle. Click image for larger view.

Members of the Mid Atlantic Retro Computing Hobbyists club value these hardware restoration workshops because we can share skills and experience. We gather from all points north and south to set up ad-hoc workshop tables with our favorite tools and parts bins. Each of us bring a vintage computer or two and we work to clean and restore the systems to full functionality. We often go to the wee hours, but the time goes by fast.

Lee Felsenstein autographs a few Osborne I portable computers.
Lee Felsenstein checking out the progress of our Osborne I portable restoration work. He autographed a few of the covers. Click image for larger view.

We have been doing these workshops privately for a number of years, but this was the first time we had a "celebrity" visit us. Those of you who don't know who Lee Felsenstein is, pick up a copy of Hackers by Steven Levy, 'nuff said.
PDP 8e and Educator
Here's a view of the workshop room. In the foreground are two PDP 8's, Click image for larger view.

More Pictures

I worked on my Processor Technologies SOL-20 with Herb, Bill S., and Lee Felsenstein. Update to the SOL-20 restoration thread



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