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Texas Instruments TM990/189 SBC


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  Texas Instruments TM990/189 SBC by Bill Degnan - 08/27/2011 16:27
Here is a closeup of the Texas Instruments TM990/189 single board computer display sold by TI in the late 70's and early 80's. Click image for larger version.

This system is unique due to its calculator-type input panel and display. I was able to write and run a short program to add two hex numbers successfully. The computer is in like-new condition and operates very well.

The TM990/189 looks like a TI 59 calculator stuck on a large computer board. Click image for larger version.

The single board computer has a monitor program that allows a person to run all of the standard memory and programming commands. Because this computer used the 16 bit 9900 CPU chip, someone who is used to programming a PDP 11 will be able to better visualize the hi-low bit command structure of the processor, etc. It's a HEX machine, not octal. The board has a lot of ports that can be used to turn this into a fully-functional system with a terminal and cassette storage. This is the same CPU family as the TI 99/4a.

TM990/519 Power supply = +12v, -12v, +5v




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