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Tauntek In-Cicuit Emulator testing


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  Tauntek In-Cicuit Emulator testing by Bill Degnan - 08/01/2011 00:00 - an in-circuit emulator for the Intel 8080 microprocessor.

I have three Poly 88 computers to test, and I have an 8080 ICE by Tauntek to use for testing. This thread will contain testing and restoration notes, log output, and descriptions of how the 808o ICE is used as a tool.

The baseline machine will be a MITS Altair 8800a that I know works properly. I will compare and contrast results between the Altair and the Poly 88's, and then the IMSAI 8080. I have also done a few tests with a Processor Tech Sol-20, but it's not electrically sound yet for real testing.

NEXT: Test RAM cards in the Altair so that I have a few working cards for testing unknown systems.



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