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  Recently Acquired Drives Inventory by Bill Degnan - 07/27/2011 18:14
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WD Caviar 2700 HD with controller. Also matching 3.5 1.44" and 5 1/4" with controller and cables. Came from early Pentium system, untested but good shape

WD Caviar 31200 1281.9 MB (1.2GB)
WD Caviar 2540 540 MB

Chinon FB-357 3.5" drive in 5 1/4" half-height enclosure.

Quantum Fireball CX - QTY=1
Quantum Fireball 3.8 GB - QTY=4

Seagate ST351A/X
Seagate ST3630A 631MB
Seagate ST3491A 420MB,
with Hewlett Packard 1.44 drive, set.
Seagate Medalist 2132 / ST32132A with
cables and 3.5" drive, RAM
Seagate ST-412 HD full height 5 1/4"

IBM OEM DDRS-34560 1998
IBM Type 0665 full height 5 1/4" P/N 9088526
IBM drive 1/2 height 5 1/4" with controller

Teac FD-334HF 3.5" Doub Den, from old 8088 laptop



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