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2nd Batch FOR SALE


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  2nd Batch FOR SALE by Bill Degnan - 07/23/2011 16:49

INQUIRIES - Please contact the PC repair store 302 295 2249 to discuss.

More Pics

The following items are at my home in Landenberg, PA that I want to sell. Minimim $20 order if shipped.

-----Any of the following are available $30 each---

Zenith 8088 plasma display laptop with extra parts, working.

Commodore 2031 drives, (not working or not fully working)

Commodore 8050 drive, (not working but diagnosed problem, fixable)

NOS TRS 80 Model III disk drive controllers

-----Any of the following are available $20 each---

TRS 80 Model II keyboards,nice shape, untested. One worked the last time my model II worked.

IBM PS/2 8513 monitors

Zenith composite monitors with TRS 80 Model 1 adapters (can be used on anything from Apple, TRS 80, other monochrome composite)

External disk drive enclosures with power supply

IBM PS/2 keyboards "M" model working.

NOS TRS 80 Model III RS232 cards

------Any of the following are available $10 each ----

IBM PS/2 keyboards not fully working, missing keys, etc

TRS 80 Model III disk drives (untested/as-is) Texas Peripherals SSSD

"post-Vintage" 13" VGA monitors - tell me what you want don't ask me what I have

  Vintage Computer Garage Sale UPDATE by Bill Degnan - 07/24/2011 20:36
Thread date will be updated as photo list is updated.

I have a huge number of items for sale

Make an Offer
1. Photo file name / url of item
2. Bid in $$'s
3. Do you want this shipped?/your location

1. This stuff is being sold through my company, so please send your offer(s) through so we can keep track of it all. I can try to answer individual questions if you're patient. The sales are going to be handled mostly Sean at the shop.

2. What prices? - Best offer over $20 if you want it shipped, best offer over $0 if you plan to pick it up. In about three weeks we will contact the winning offerors and make arrangements on a case by case basis. An offer of $0 is fine, if you plan to pick up the item and no one else bids more.

Answers to some early questions

3. I am not going to Maker Faire this fall, but I am going to fly out to the VCF MW again most likely.

a. A bigboard, if it will help fix MARCH's Xerox 820 goes to MARCH, otherwise the $$ will go to MARCH.
b. Same goes for the PC Jr lot, these items must be kept together and the proceeds to go MARCH. This is a very comprehensive lot of all the good stuff including after market items. I will try to post an inventory. THis lot must go to a collector, not someone who will try to re-sell.
c. If there are any other items where the person who gave them to me did not expect me to sell the items for profit, I will donate the proceeds to MARCH.
d. The Teleray terminal works but it has some loose connections. I have notes on the back for how to make it work with MARCH's CUTTER-driven Altair. It will work with the Altair at MARCH as-is.
e. The tape drives are mostly untested, but are cosmetically ok.
f. All items are cleaned, no rats, bugs, or rust. I don't keep anything unless I can store it. The items have been stored for years indoors with air/heat year round.

5. If you are interested in taking whatever was not sold at the end of this sale, let me know also through

6. There is more than the photos, so if you want to stop by Wilmington to see the items / cash and carry please make an appointment.

7. When all of this is done, another round of completely new stuff will be sold.

8. Lastly, offers that are a hassle will be rejected. If for example I have to disassemble a TRS 80 Model II to get to the disk drive, and the offer is $5, well...don't expect something for nothing.

I am trying to reduce my inventory to only that which I need or have interest in. I have too many duplicates, and not enough time. I want others to enjoy these items if I cannot. Also, I am losing the space in about a month, at which time it will all go to the scrap heap.

  Garage Sale Complete by Bill Degnan - 07/27/2011 18:16
Nearly everything from the first set is now gone! Thanks to everyone who purchased or received donations of this equipment garage sale.

  Garage sale item? by Martin Eberhard - 08/11/2011 00:30
I see from your website that you are selling "External disk drive enclosures with power supply". Are these 8" or 5.25"? Any pictures? Brand? I am interested in a 5.25" enclosure with power supply, in good shape, either unbranded or branded by a company appropriate for an S-100 machine. (e.g. not Apple, Radio Shack, Commodore).

Any chance you have such a thing?


  Extermal Drive Enclosures by Bill Degnan - 08/14/2011 10:38
Yes, $20 each, plus all expenses (shipping/handling credit fees, etc). They're all generic, tested voltages. 5 1/4" full-height. No 8" enclosures.

  TRS 80 Model II keyboards by Hanno Foest - 06/04/2012 20:09
I guess I'm somewhat late, but I have to try... are there any TRS 80 Model II keyboards left? I got one of these machines recently, but without keyboard, so now I'm looking.



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