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Vintage Computer Festival MW 2010


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  Vintage Computer Festival MW 2010 by Bill Degnan - 09/20/2010 17:28
Photo Highlights

The highlight of the Vintage Computer Festival Midwest was the XEROX Alto-II XM computer system. The XM stands for extended memory. Click image for the picture set.

This was actually a dual festival, co-sponsored by the Emergency Chicago Commodore Club. Click the image to see pictures of the Commodore and Amiga systems from the event. More photos..http://lyonlabs....10/eccc-2010.html

The Glenside Color Computer Club was present:

My Sinclair Special Interest Group "SIG" exhibit. Click image for more pictures.

Briel Electronics Altair 8800 Micro kit, click image for larger version.

Digital Equipment Corp was well represented at the show. Pictured is Jack Rubin's DEC WR/78 Word Terminal. This is a version of the DecMate II system. Jack, Ethan Dicks and I attempted to get Adventure! running on another DECMate II, but the keyboard mapping was incompatible with the system we were using.

Here is an interesting homebrew computer of unknown origin. It appeared to be at least partially functional. Click image to see the I/O unit. wire-wrap card cage view

Here is a homebrew 4040 (?) system of some sort. Click image for larger version.

Mike Lee brought a number of systems including the Coleco Adam pictured here. Click image for larger version.

I could go on...Look for the pictures of Jason Timmon's terminal island, and much more. Jim Brain, Nate Lawson, Chris Elmquist (sp?), and many more people were there that I had only known by email beforehand. Great group! more pictures...



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