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  August Workshop Photos by Bill Degnan - 08/29/2010 11:07
Repair Workshop at the Wilmington Hackerspace. Matt (foreground) working on a PDP 11/05 to generate I/O using the console, and Alex (rear) working to attach a 3.5 disk drive to a Heathkit H89 computer. Click image for larger picture

Local Tandy expert Fred M. dropped off a huge lot of Tandy III and 4-era systems, drives, software, and docs. Some of these items are for sale. Can you find 9 Tandy computers in this picture? Click image for larger view.

Alex B. and one of his Heathkit H89 computer systems, with external drive. Click image for larger view.

The IBM XT that was used to test disk drives. Today an original IBM 20MB hard drive was saved from the ravages of "stiction". We performed the delicate operation and I think the patient is going to make it.

Matt W. spent a lot of time researching the principles of DEC PDP 11/05 console I/O. This photo is a closeup of the M9970 console card after it had been moved into a more convenient location from the front of the bus. A continuity card was inserted in it's place. Matt determined that the system and interface cable is set for a 110baud/20mAmp teletype. I will post a separate thread with more details. Click image for larger view.

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