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  Adventure! by Bill Degnan - 08/19/2010 16:37
This screen shot shows the use of Digital's OS-8 to enter commands. The first command demonstrates how to load BASIC. The second command, "RUN RKB0:ADVENT", loads and runs Adventure! This and the images to follow are photos taken while running on a PDP 8/e computer using a VT 52 display. That's me in the screen reflection.

Opening credits screen of Adventure!

Adventure! is probably the most famous "interactive fiction" program (text adventure game) written for a computer. Adventure was originally written for the PDP 8 computer, I believe the PDP 8e, but I am not 100% sure about that. The whole interactive fiction genre has received a lot of attention lately because of Jason Scott's documentary about text adventure games "Get Lamp!".
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My Adventure! story:
I had been working on and off for the past year to bring my PDP/8e system online (see thread). To make a long story short, I learned that my Serial I/O card was bad, and I was able to procure a replacement. Using the non-functioning yet correctly configured card as a guide, I soldered and adjusted the replacement card for 9600 baud communications. The new card is now happily installed in my PDP8.

With my freshly restored system, practically the first thing I did with it was load Adventure! so I could test the system out and finally experience the program on the system it was originally designed. OK, technically this program would have been run on a teletype, but other than that it's pretty authentic of an experience. I was quite pleased with the result, although I have a dorky voice for video.


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