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IBM PC AT (ARC X86) need dump


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  IBM PC AT (ARC X86) need dump by vlad gorin - 06/17/2010 06:49
Hello, i have the American Research 80286 mainboard and whant bring it to live. The
mobo has come to me without BIOS, N82S147 and 16L8A PALs Have anybody the dump of this chips. I think that schematic of this mobo is much close to IBM reference (exept controllers is from UMC), so the dumps from IBM can work to...

  Try any 286 BIOS by Bill Degnan - 06/18/2010 16:05
Almost any complete 286 BIOS may work to at least allow you to boot up to DOS. Where are you located? Try there is a ROM BIOS repository team there.



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