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Dynabyte DB8/1


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  Dynabyte DB8/1 by Bill Degnan - 03/31/2010 13:38
This is a restoration program for MARCH for a Dynabyte S-100 system, not to be confused with the Dynabook prototype laptop from Xerox.

The Dynabyte DB8/1 was an early 80's S-100 system that employed the IEEE 696 standard. Click image for larger view.

So far the system has been partially disassembled. The controller cards have been visually inspected (1800002-4A CPU, 64K dynamic RAM Dual Drive Controller).

The card connectors have been cleaned, the entire chassis has been vacuumed clear of dust.

The Dynabyte DB8/4-2 8" dual disk drive had Remex RFD4000 disk drives. Click image for larger view.

To DO:
  • Finish reading the manuals that came with this system.
  • Clean the drive heads with alcohol.
  • test the voltage regulators and power supply
  • configure a terminal to interface with the controller card, see if there is a way to get to a monitor prompt to check memory.
  • Test booting disk. No marks on disk, no way to know if it's a good disk.


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