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IBM CP/M-86 1.0


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  IBM CP/M-86 1.0 by Bill Degnan - 03/06/2010 08:03
IBM CP/M-86 v. 1.0 boot screen. Click image for larger view.

A working IBM-branded CP/M-86 version 1.0 OS disk has found it's way to me finally. These are not easy to find.

By 1982 it was too late for Digital Research to secure a foothold as the operating system of choice for IBM's new 16-bit PC model 5150, six months after Microsoft's MS-DOS was already available. MS-DOS had more features and it was cheaper.

I am not sure of the actual sales figures for IBM CP/M-86, but it can't be a high number. Original copies of this operating system are very hard to find today.

For more information on the subject, read the July/August 1986 Micro/Systems Journal article titled The Origins of MS DOS by Editor Sol Libes

To format a disk in CP/M-86 on an IBM PC, use the command NEWDISK. There is no "FORMAT" command as illustrated at the top of the image above. Click image for larger view.

This screen depicts the process for copying a disk image using the COPYDISK command. I made a number of backup copies. Click image for larger view.

I was able to boot IBM CP/M-86 on an original A model IBM 5150 as well as an IBM XT 5160. I have one CP/M-86 software package called MOVE-IT Communications System, and this program is used to copy files from the IBM PC to a Commodore B Series system using an 8050 disk drive. After booting with CP/M-86 I was finally able to access this program in it's native mode.

  Working Copy of Diskette by Jimmy Tucker - 02/22/2012 14:31
Would it be possilbe to obtain a copy of the working diskette?


  CP/M 86 Disks by Lauren Scott - 04/25/2012 01:46
I have a complete, original copy of CP/M 86 in the original Digital Research packaging with the original manuals. I would be willing to loan it for copying and archiving.

  Communications Program by Lauren Scott - 04/25/2012 01:56
I recall having the an issue with getting work-in-process text and ASM files from CP/M to DOS. I wrote a little RS-232 utility called MICE (which was used to talk to our microprocessor in-circuit emulator) which could transfer files from CP/M to to a DOS TTY PC program. It was simple RS-232 terminal program with file transfer capability with did not come with CP/M natively.

  File Transfer by Lauren Scott - 04/25/2012 01:56
In those days, we couldn't afford two PCs, so I used the MICE CP/M RS-232 program to drive a 1200 baud modem and I wrote a batch program to send all of the ASM and TXT files to the 1200 baud modem while the audio was recorded on a high quality VCR audio track. To 'download' the file, I just booted DOS and played the tape into a TTY program (Procomm or equiv.) and saved the file to DOS.

  CP/M-86 Disks by Jimmy Tucker - 04/25/2012 20:33


I would like to have a disk image of the DR version 1.0. I have a manual, disk and serial number but have not been able to restore the disk, it was in pretty bad shape when I got it.

Not sure how to proceed from here. Not sure how to contact you on this site.

  CP/M 86 Disks by Lauren Scott - 04/26/2012 02:12
My email is

  IBM CP/M 86 by Bill Degnan - 06/05/2012 00:20
I demoed IBM CP/M 86 at the Vintage Computer Festival 8 a few weeks ago. Did you guys ever trade disks?

  CP/M 86 Disks by Jimmy Tucker - 06/05/2012 09:33


Thanks for checking back, I got an IBM version 1.0 both manual and disk.

Still trying to put together a complete disk and manual set for UCSD now.




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