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Zenith minisPORT laptop


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  Zenith minisPORT laptop by Bill Degnan - 03/03/2010 13:46
The Zenith minisPORT laptop computer c. 1990. This is the 2MB ZL-2 model. The ZL-1 came with 1MB. Click thumbnail for larger image.

The Zenith minisPORT is an otherwise standard 80c86 LCD display laptop which is best known because of its 2 inch disk drive.

The Fuji 2 inch LT-1 diskette had a formatted capacity of approximately chkdsk displays 812K. Zenith sold an optional 720K external 3.5 drive. The internal 2 inch drive is not only smaller but it has more capacity (800+ Kb) than the 3.5 drive!

The operating system is stored in ROM. The version is MS DOS 3.3 Plus.

This particular computer's internal battery started to smell after about an hour, so I powered off to avoid damaging it. The battery was holding a charge and could run without AC power.

The carrying case had little 2 inch disk pockets, which I thought was a nice touch for the system. To copy files from this computer one had to use a program that came with the DOS to send files through the serial port.

By 1990 the 3.5" disk was too entrenched in the market for the 2 in disk to establish itself, despite the smaller size and slightly higher capacity.

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