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Building a CP/M for Lobo MAX 80


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  Building a CP/M for Lobo MAX 80 by Bill Degnan - 02/13/2010 13:36
I wanted to see if I could do more than boot my MAX 80 using LDOS 5.1.3.

A Lobo Max 80 with a Lobo twin 8" drive, TRS 80 5Meg hard drive, and a set of Percom double density drives all attached to the back of the computer. The system is booting off the Percom drives using LDOS 5.1.3. Click image for larger image.

Close up of the drives.

Unfortunately my copy of CP/M for the MAX 80 won't boot on a single sided 8" Lobo drive. I need a 77 track DD drive, like a Shugart 850.

I have no idea whether the TRS 80 5 mb hard drive actually works, but it made for a good picture. I believe LDOS 5.1.3 can address a hard drive, but all of the MAX 80 examples are based on the assumption CP/M is the OS. More research is needed. I also do not know if the 5MB drive even works other than power on.

  lobo cp/m disk images on the 'Net by Tom Burnett - 05/06/2012 23:04
There are two sites with single sided 8" disks of both cp/m 2.2 and 3.0 on the Internet. They are images (Dave Dunfield's IMD format) of my disks.

They are:
Dave Dunfield's classiccmp site
Tim Mann's site

I thought you might be interested...

Good luck,



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