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  AT&T PC 7300 by Bill Degnan - 01/02/2010 10:17
This AT&T PC 7300 was donated for study. The AT&T PC 7300 UNIX Computer from 1985. Serial Number 370429020 000139

So far I have tested the power and the memory, all OK. System originally booted up, but I did not have any login info so I decided to format the drive and re-install the OS from disks. There is a minimal OS 3.5.1 loaded for the moment. Doing research to determine next best action.


  Installing an ST-251 into a AT&T 7300 by Bill Degnan - 01/06/2010 10:18
The ST-251 does not appear on the options when initializing a hard drive from the diagnostic menu. I chose "other drive" from the option. The ST-251 has the following specs:

TRACKS 4,920

If you divide 4920 by 820 you get 6, which is the tracks per cylinder ratio. used 17 sectors/track. You need this number to correctly format the drive. [edited].

Anyway, after the format and surface scan completed (took over an hour), I re-installed UNIX 3.5.1 successfully and fully. Next I plan to install software and configure to my taste.

  Installing software UNIX PC 7300 by Bill Degnan - 01/08/2010 23:57
List of programs installed on this system from the SCORE! public domain archive

see filecabinet folder and look for man primitives for these.

Larn v12
Hack 1.0.3
Othello v 1.0
casino games
Star Trek
DHS (MS DOS Cmds for the Korn shell)
Big Ben
VCalc 1.3
Chess SHAH v 1.1
Crystal Cave Adventure

Form Maker 1.1 (note) - to run Office to set preference default of screen editor to: /usr/bin/vi
OR install the CT word processor. this is required by Form Maker. (done)

Steffens CScope [list man(1) and lpr(1) for help by typing "man(1) command]

HRDCPY (make sure usr/lbin is in path)
see usr/man/

U of Ariz's Icon programming language

VSpell - need to install development set first. (done). See /docs/vspell for info.

15 disk development set.
-document preparation
-enhanced editors
-development set
-virtual device interface - GSS Graphics C Language Building, etc.

NEXT - Test software, and determine how to get to the motherboard so I can replace the internal battery.

  Correction.. by Bill Degnan - 10/05/2014 09:55
Dave g sends hoihs corrections to my post:

4920/820=6 heads

It's tracks per cylinder not cylinders per track

  Video, Disassembly for repairs by Bill Degnan - 01/17/2018 11:01
Adding this thread for those who want to crack the case to get into the system.



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