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  Site for info/pictures for S-100 Boards by John Monahan - 09/08/2009 22:05
Well I have spent the past 2 months putting together a central database of most S-100 boards with pictures, comments and (where possible) manuals for each board for the web site

If I had known it was going to be so much work I'm not sure I would have started! Anyway most of the major S-100 board companies are there. I obtained pictures and manuals from all over the web, my own fairly large collection, and pictures and manuals sent in by a number of great individuals who helped out. They are listed in the acknowledgement section.

From the S-100 Boards section of you arrive at a central page from which you go to each manufacture. To get started go


As you can see we are still missing pictures of a few boards (or they are very poor). A number of manuals are missing. Please look through your pile of S-100 board manuals and see if you have any that are missing. They are indicate on the above page by grey text for the boards name. If you have one, could you scan it and send me a .pdf file, or, mail it to me and I will scan it and return it back to you.

My address is at the bottom of the home page. You will be doing your colleagues and perhaps future generations a great favor.

Enjoy the view!



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