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Zorba GC-200 Portable


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  Zorba GC-200 Portable by Bill Degnan - 09/01/2009 19:27
I have received a non-functional Zorba portable model GC-200. It's in nice cosmetic shape, but does not complete a boot cycle, no screen output, no attempt to access diskette. The portables of this era all seem to have similar problems.

The portable with the quirky name - Zorba - was one of the last great CRT portables. This portable had dual 5 1/4" drives and ran a CP/M. It had non standard looking 25 pin female serial, parallel and IEEE

Modular Micros, Inc. sold the Zorba, but I am not sure if this was an exclusive deal or just a dealer sticker.

More pictures

  Servicing the Zorba by Bill Degnan - 10/10/2010 11:05
So, how do you take apart a Zorba, so that you can work on the chassis?


  Zorba Repairs by Bill Degnan - 07/20/2011 20:57
Took the system apart, got the computer to attempt to boot, but the drive heads light but do not seek. I am thinking that the drives are both bad, tried swapping drives per manual. Voltages are OK. Not overly motivated to get into this when I have other systems to work on...



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