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Another 5150 Restoration


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  Another 5150 Restoration by Bill Degnan - 04/28/2009 22:26
Today I got an IBM 5150 B in the mail. It was absolutely filthy. There was a layer of dirt-turned-crud covering everything. There were playing cards stuffed in the B drive and an old disk in the A drive. The system did not power up.

I almost gave up right then, but ..

I took out all of the cards (CGA, AST SixPak, IBM floppy drive controller) and then cleaned everything as well as I could.

Powered up - fan started, long beep two short beeps (missing/bad display). Ah, it must be one of the cards shorting out the power supply.

Correct - It was the display card. I replaced it. Put everything back in to the slots.

Powered up - fully functional.

I cleaned it to "excellent" condition with a magic eraser, paper towels with soap and water, q-tips for the keyboard and drives.

Another computer saved from the dump.



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