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Landenberg Hack Weekend


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  Landenberg Hack Weekend by Bill Degnan - 04/26/2009 20:52
Dan R and Bill Dr #3 came to my house this weekend. A lot was accomplished.

We worked on an Northstar Horizon and used it to match a 2nd backup drive and controller card for use in another system.

IMSAI 8080 - Dan demoed how his system boots to IMSAI BASIC from PROM which can load programs from simulated terminal input, and he demonstrated his modified a lunar lander program to land on autopilot.

Altair 8800
We made a copy of the Altair Monitor II using a DOS-based EPROM burner and Dan's IMSAI 8080 for testing it. The monitor is patched to use the Altair SIO-2 controller but we did not quite get either cards on hand running properly. We put the EPROM on a 64K Tanner RAM/ROM card and it appears to work correctly on a front-panel system. I anticipate that we will be able to install on the Altair when it's ready. We also identified and replaced a slew of bad front panel chips on an Altair 8800. The RAM and the CPU card are OK. There are one or two remaining issues with the front panel or wires and I think it'll be running 100%.

We also worked on my California Computer System 2200, and fired up the Altair 8800B T. I demoed the Heathkit EC-1 with the new oscilloscope and we played around with the settings a bit.

Dan left with the two TRS 80 Model II's that Kelly gave me at the holiday party.

Thanks Bill Dan for coming!

"a good time had by all"



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