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EC-1 Falling Body Program


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  EC-1 Falling Body Program by Bill Degnan - 03/16/2009 07:11

The Heathkit EC-1 wired for the "falling body" program.

This weekend I worked with Bob Grieb, Dan Ragonti, and Mike Lowen to test the Heathkit EC-1 computer. We made it all of the way to the first exercise in the user guide - the falling body program.

Bob and Mike brought tube testers and fortunately the tubes were all OK. We cleaned all of the plugs and connectors with soap and water. Dan hooked up a Variac in series with an incandescent light as a current limiter, so we could monitor the reaction of the EC-1 to current load. Bob used a volt meter to test the electronics and cleaned up a few things (solder joints and a loose wire), but nothing major was needed to get the old girl back up in running order. Fortunately I had the two N-2H neon lamps needed to replace the failing lights on Amplifier #4. The bulbs were impacting the voltage flow.

I will enter more notes later about how to calibrate the amplifiers and set up a program. For now, here are some hi-res pictures of the wiring for the falling body program.

  YouTube Video - EC-1 by Bill Degnan - 03/16/2009 21:04

  EC-1 Video with Tektronix 7313 by Bill Degnan - 04/18/2009 10:13
Better Video:

I put the system back together and found a better oscilloscope. The 7313 us a rack unit and I put the EC-1 onto a pair of 2x4 blocks, on top of the 7313.



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