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  Epson PX-8 Video on by Bill Degnan - 02/15/2009 17:07
For your viewing pleasure, here is a short stock footage movie of Kelcey using an Epson PX-8 laptop computer:

I received this info from Jan who runs a web site dedicated to the Epson PX-8/Geneva

H101A (CODE AA) Geneva US keyboard
H101A (CODE AC) PX-8 US keyboard
H101A (CODE UA) PX-8 UK keyboard

I can only speculate why my version has no label, but if I were to guess, I believe the LCD is a replacement screen. I am guessing that there was just one pool of replacement screens, and they did not get the "Geneva" or "PX-8" labels because it was not known whether the screen was being shipped to the US, UK, Japan, or elsewhere. Just a hunch.



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