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Help! I need a Tandy WP100 for my father


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  Help! I need a Tandy WP100 for my father by Arlene Distel - 12/03/2008 11:34
Hi Folks,

I am looking to get a Tandy WP100 replacement for my dad. Tandy is a Radio Shack Brand. Does anybody know of a Brother version of this exact word processor? Or another brand name it might be under? My dad is very particular about this exact one.

Thanks so much!

  IS WP100 = TRS 80 100? by Bill Degnan - 12/07/2008 23:33
IS WP100 = TRS 80 Model 100? or are you looking for the WP-2?

  TANDY WP100 by kathleen bartley - 01/04/2009 19:16
I saw the page where you are looking for a Tandy wp100 for your father who is picky you said. Can't we all be a times. if you are interested please call me at 6618861051 my name is kathy my email is

  Still have it? by Natalie McClearn - 09/29/2010 00:33
Did she take the wp100 or do you still have it? I'm also looking for one.

Thank you,

  WP100 - um.. by Bill Degnan - 09/29/2010 23:24
I have no idea why so many people want this word processor. I don't have one, but please feel free to post here to arrange a sale/trade. I suggest you not leave your phone number, and mask your email me -at-

  I have a wp100 by Paul Dawson - 02/12/2011 11:49
Feb 12, 2011. I have a Wp-100. Last time I used it it worked too. Think I have extra disks, manual and maybe a ribbon too.

  Tandy wp100 by Roger Keller - 08/11/2011 08:51
I really need the user guide pls

  Tandy wp100 by Roger Keller - 08/11/2011 08:53
I need the manual if you still have it

  Disk by Danny Vozzo - 08/31/2011 19:22
I am looking for a 3" disk and ribbon for a Tandy portable wordprocessor WP-100. Let me know if you have one and how much it would cost for me to get these items.



  wp100 by Natalie McClearn - 09/25/2011 22:35
Hi, Paul,

Do you still have the wp100?

Thank you,
Natalie McClearn

  wp100 by Roger Keller - 09/26/2011 18:06
still looking for manual, mine works fine

  wp100 by Roger Keller - 09/26/2011 18:07

email me if you are still interested

  did u find it? by sonya sadler - 04/20/2012 18:43

just happened to read your post and i realize it was quite awhile ago but wondered if you ever found the wp-100 word processor you were looking for?



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