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Raytheon VT302 Computer


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  Raytheon VT302 Computer by Bill Degnan - 11/16/2008 22:35
Little is known about the Raytheon VT302 office computer. I was able to boot the communications disk that came with it. I also took it apart and took pictures.

I was surprised to find that this is an 8085 CPU computer. Very rare. I have the manual to the earlier version of this system, with cassette storage.

Note the interesting controls on the Raytheon display.

What's next? I would like to image the one working diskette, and possibly recover what appears to be the system disk.

Raytheon VT302 pictures

  Former owner experience by Bill Degnan - 05/31/2016 07:40 Inquiry Contact Information Name: David Collins
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In regards to blog post titled Raytheon VT302 Computer:
Hi. We owned one of these in the mid 1980's it runs BASIC code. I used to write word games for it using books from my school library. You needed a boot disk to start it but then you could create a program and save it to disk. It was primarily used as a word processing unit but could run any program written in BASIC. Ours was exactly the same as the one pictured. We also had a dot matrix printer that came with it.
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