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Lear Siegler ADM 3A


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  Lear Siegler ADM 3A by Bill Degnan - 11/16/2008 21:02
Restoration project notes for Lear Siegler ADM 3A terminal S/N 21818 from late 1977.

The bad news: I cannot communicate with a known-working computer, no response from keyboard although box prompt is present.

The good news: The picture is in good shape.

I cannot get the computer to respond locally either. I tried to jumper pins 2 and 3 (I believe those are the ones).

Missing the dip switch cover.

Updates to come.

Pictures ADM3A

  ADM3 Working (always has been) by Bill Degnan - 12/19/2008 08:08
"..The ADM-3A transmits on pin 2, and receives on pin 3. Gnd is pin 7. .." My cable was pinned incorrectly. Terminal works. I assumed the pin configuration was straight-though serial. Rookie mistake! Thanks Bob Grieb for setting me straight.



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