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Smith Hall Display on the Apple Computer


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  Smith Hall Display on the Apple Computer by Bill Degnan - 05/07/2008 19:07

On behalf of my Computing Museum Curator colleagues
(Lori Pollock, Chandra Reedy), I invite you all
to peruse the latest Smith Hall lobby display
dedicated to the Apple Computer.

The display was sponsored by an Arts & Sciences College
Transformation Grant, and is the result of independent
study efforts by two undergraduates: Zelphi (Sola) Johnson,
a CIS senior who will be joining our dept in
the fall as a PhD student, and Katherine Chiumento,
a senior Art Conservation major.

Bill Degnan, who teaches CISC367: History and Preservation
of Microcomputing for the Department, helped acquire
most of the components in the display as well as provide
invaluable technical expertise on their history.






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