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Tarbell Controller 8080 System CP/M 2.2


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  Tarbell Controller 8080 System CP/M 2.2 by Bill Degnan - 04/24/2008 08:23
I found in my stuff a Tarbell disk controller and docs that refers to CP/M 1.4, with directions for installation and testing on an Altair or IMSAI with 8080. Interestingly I also found a few CP/M 2.2 disks labeled "Tarbell". Hmm..

Then I found this

Before this video I did not know that there was a 2.2 version of CP/M for the 8080 computer. For some reason I thought few people if any used anything other than a z-80 processor system to run CP/M 2.x - I thought that CP/M 2.2 would only work on the z-80.

I guess I was wrong!

I have either of these two versions of CP/M 2.2 on disk, not sure which yet:

14 16 00 00 06 97 9603CPM.COM Tarbell CP/M 2.2
14 16 00 00 06 98 9605CPM.COM Tarbell CP/M 2.2

(from ..
I wonder if these are simply the 8080 and Z80 versions? At some point I will use the directions on


Perhaps as a future project Herb Johnson or someone who's in the know could produce a brief explanatory paragraph detailing CP/M 2.2 and it's adoption on 8080 systems. In addition to CP/M-specific history, this information would help shed light overall on the transition most people seemed to have made in the late 70's from 8080 to Z80 systems. Most references to CP/M 2.x and higher that I have found assume/default Z80 systems are running it.

Because my first serious computer experience is of the post IBM PC era, I do not have first-hand context.

Side note - The Tarbell controller has *a lot* of jumper wires and can be configured to work with almost any kind of disk drive of the 70's. First I have to figure out which drive my particular controller has been configured, find a working version of this drive, and give her a test.

Among other drives I have a LOBO twin 8" drive, which I believe (I have to check to confirm) is a Sugart 850 clone.

Another thing to determine - is the jumper wiring for a system and drive using the 8080 version CP/M the same as the Z80 counterpart?

  Tarbell 1101D by Bill Degnan - 04/24/2008 20:17
Here is a picture of the controller:

Tarbell 1101D Controller

NEXT: Determine what drive this card is jumpered to use.

  Another 1101D to compare with... by Bill Degnan - 04/27/2008 20:53
I have posted pictures of another 1101D controller, this one specifically jumpered for a Shugart 850 (or 851).

See link above for newer pics with "kellys" in the file name. The jumper wires are different, it's easy to tell the two apart

click for pics of two different 1101D controllers to compare jumpers



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