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Fairchild Channel F Video Game System


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  Fairchild Channel F Video Game System by Bill Degnan - 03/15/2008 12:15
Recently I received Fairchild Channel F, which is the original cartridge-based game home video game system sold, pre-dating the Atari 2600. Thank you Erik Klein of

There are plenty of sources on the web if you're looking for more facts about this unit, and here is a video I made:

(set to "Do the Hustle" )

Follow up:
1. The hockey/tennis game is not a cart, it comes built-in with the machine.
2. The controllers give you the ability to control two "players" at once on the same team, twist the paddle in play, and move the paddle to any location on the play field.
3. Audio consists of beeps and bells.
4. System attaches to a TV, channel 3 NTSC.



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