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Sage II Testing - OK


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  Sage II Testing - OK by Bill Degnan - 07/09/2008 14:05
For more background about the Sage II from this web site, click here (and then locate the middle of the left column)

I have been able to boot both CP/M 68K and p-UCSD PASCAL with this unit, and access the BIOS which is set to interface with a Wyse-50 display terminal. The only thing I have not been able to accomplish is printing despite the fact that I have two of the printers described in the manual. I am missing SAGEUTIL and/or the proper parallel cable. The SAGE does not have a standard printer port. I have been in contact with David W. Erhart who runs a Stride/Sage web site for assistance.

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  Sage II 68000 Computer by Bill Degnan - 07/10/2008 22:54
Pictures of Sage II.

Serial number is 68615



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