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CorData Technologies, Inc. Cordata PPC


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  CorData Technologies, Inc. Cordata PPC by Bill Degnan - 11/24/2007 17:26
Here's a rare one...The 1985 CorData Technologies, Inc. cordata PPC computer. The logo on the machine looks similar to the Corona Data Systems' logo, but there's no reference to this model within the Corona catalog. Corona is kind of close to Cordata...Maybe they changed their name late in the game?


  Cordata Technologies by Bill Degnan - 08/21/2012 17:30

System boots up but I cannot write to the hard drive. Norton Utilities nor Spinrite can fix this. I cannot format the drive or low-level format it. I am stumped at the moment about how to fix.

  Next steps by Bill Degnan - 08/26/2012 17:45
Opened up the system, took a picture of the motherboard switch settings should I find a manual to compare them.

Here is a link to a thread I posted on about this system. At some point I will try a new drive cable.




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