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88-DCDD cable before-repair-2.
88-DCDD cable
88dsk manual v2.pdf 14,263,683 KB
altair disk.jpg 330,481 KB
MDBL.pdf 544,631 KB
MITS 88-DCDD cover-rmvd-cleane 479,332 KB
MITS 88-DCDD cover-rmvd-cleane 456,614 KB
MITS 88-DCDD DD-Adapter 200562
MITS 88-DCDD DD-Adapter Boxer- 481,934 KB
MITS 88-DCDD disk-buffer-20055 368,651 KB
MITS 88-DCDD disk-buffer-caps.
MITS 88-DCDD disk-buffer-regul 571,511 KB
MITS 88-DCDD disk-buffer front
MITS 88-DCDD drive-mechs-clean 601,907 KB
MITS 88-DCDD drivehead-cleaned 682,203 KB
MITS 88-DCDD front-panel.jpg 568,796 KB
MITS 88-DCDD front.jpg 293,353 KB
MITS 88-DCDD heatsink.jpg
MITS 88-DCDD Pertec-F400-label
MITS 88-DCDD sn3780 label.jpg 284,984 KB
MITS 88-DCDD spindle.jpg 582,344 KB
MITS 8800BT-88-DCDD-2.jpg 440,738 KB
MITS 8800BT-88-DCDD-opened.jpg
MITS Altair 88-DCDD controller 557,597 KB
MITS Altair 88-DCDD cover-remo
MITS Altair 88-DCDD disk-buffe 742,914 KB
MITS Altair 88-DCDD disk-buffe 658,220 KB
MITS Altair 88-DCDD drive-clos
MITS Altair 88-DCDD drive-clos 508,061 KB
MITS Altair 88-DCDD drive-open 399,011 KB
MITS Altair 88-DCDD drive-view 650,918 KB
MITS Altair 88-DCDD front-pane
MITS Altair 88-DCDD head mech. 608,155 KB
MITS Altair 88-DCDD head mech 317,006 KB
MITS Altair 88-DCDD head mech 687,714 KB
MITS Altair 88-DCDD rear.jpg 263,218 KB
MITS Altair 88-DCDD snDD3780.j
MITS Altair 88-DCDD top-cover-
MITS Disk2-REV0-X2.jpg 462,240 KB
MITS Disk2-REV0-X2 label.jpg 622,768 KB
MITS Disk2-REV0-X2 pic2.jpg 530,581 KB
MITS Disk2-REV0-X2 pic3.jpg 454,095 KB
MITS DiskBD1 REV0-X3.jpg 507,884 KB
MITS DiskBD1 REV0-X3 label.jpg 297,277 KB
MITS DiskBD1 REV0-X3 pic2.jpg 500,231 KB
MITS DiskBD1 REV0-X3 pic3.jpg 511,149 KB
Televideo TS800A.jpg


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