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Name Size
DataPoint 2200 rear.jpg 50,928 KB
Compaq 386-20.jpg 60,757 KB
Vector-Graphics Vector-MZ.jpg
Corvus-Systems 8in HD 69,772 KB
RCA ELF-II.jpg 83,358 KB
LISP Book.jpg 83,630 KB
COSMAC Homebrew 1802.jpg
Teletype Model-902.jpg 85,707 KB
XOR s-4 TANO VT2.jpg 87,812 KB
Sun Workstations.jpg 90,121 KB
Commodore For Sale.JPG 94,879 KB
DataPoint 2200.jpg 95,558 KB
Mainframe Module Exhibit.JPG
Mainframe Module Exhibit 3.JPG 98,522 KB
Spare-Time Gizmos SBC6120 Docs 99,203 KB
Corvus-Systems 8in HD top.jpg 105,436 KB
CBM Little-Computer-People.jpg 109,037 KB
MAC-Ivory Model-2 114,700 KB
Spare-Time Gizmos SBC6120 OS8- 118,550 KB
NEC Advanced-Personal-Computer
CBM Calulators-1.jpg 129,243 KB
CBM SuperPet CBM-4040.jpg 133,491 KB
C64-C Flyer System.jpg
Fabritek System Reader.jpg
CBM Calulators-2.jpg 136,450 KB
ECCC D-Mackey.JPG 143,352 KB
Digi-Comp1 box-cover.jpg
Digital VT-131.jpg
Apples for Sale.JPG
ECCC HotRodding.JPG 153,028 KB
DataPoint 2200 side.jpg 154,895 KB
DataPoint 2200 4-control-board 155,164 KB
DataPoint 2200 num-keypad.jpg 158,947 KB
Vector-Graphics Vector-MZ card 167,750 KB
DataPoint 2200 front.jpg
DataPoint 2200 regulator.jpg 174,589 KB
DataPoint 2200 internal connec 175,919 KB
DataPoint 2200 cassette drives
Mainframe Module Exhibit 4.JPG 178,139 KB
Mainframe Module Exhibit 7.JPG 180,469 KB
DataPoint 2200 top.jpg 192,157 KB
Macintosh-SE GreenCRT.jpg
PDPFP S100 Homebrew Side.jpg
Mainframe Module Exhibit 5.JPG 221,552 KB
Mainframe Module Exhibit 1.JPG
C128 Peters.jpg 230,465 KB
Mainframe Module Exhibit 10.JP
Mainframe Module Exhibit 9.JPG 245,021 KB
PDPFP S100 Homebrew Front-Pane
Fabritek System Reader 320,818 KB
Mainframe Module Exhibit 6.JPG 328,343 KB
Atari Portfolio.jpg
Sparc BriteLite.jpg
Mainframe Module Exhibit 8.JPG
Mainframe Module Exhibit 11.JP 407,874 KB
Digi-Comp1 box-cover2.jpg 434,536 KB
DataPoint 2200 Rear HeatSinks. 473,481 KB
DataPoint 2200 und-diplay.jpg 558,738 KB
Digital OS8 Emulator.jpg 599,064 KB
DataPoint 2200 MK4008P 4K-RAM- 627,333 KB
Mainframe Module Exhibit 2.JPG
DataPoint 2200 MK4008P 4K-RAM- 676,830 KB
DataPoint 2200 MK4008P RAM.jpg
PDPFP S100 Homebrew top.jpg


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