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Teletype FAQ - How to attach to a computer
Download a copy of "Using the ASR 33 Teletype" from the 2015 Vintage Computer Festival
Video of papertape being loaded into MITS Altair 680
Configuring a RS232 to Current Loop Converter
Reader Relay info ("reader run")
Transporting UCC-6 power supply how-to
How to attach a teletype to an IBM PC Model 5150
Threads about the woman pictured below.
Repairing and splicing papertape

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73 Nov-76 Teletype model15.jpg
8bit-TTY correction-tape.JPG 217,386 KB
asr33 DIR
ASR33 4915D DIR
asr33 phone-option DIR
ASR33 sn256219 DIR
Asr33 sn659854 DIR
ReaderControl DIR
Telebyte 65A DIR
teletype ASR33 clothespin-test 135,436 KB
test tape.JPG
TroubleShooting DIR


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