Tandy TRS-80 Model III and TRS-80 Model 4 (non gate array?) RS-232 SERIAL INTERFACE MODIFICATION

Boards Only (with instructions):SOLD OUT
-Orders will be shipped within 48 hours, but contact me to confirm payment has been received. -

Note the little parts bags in the picture above are sold out, only the boards with directions are available.

CompuLogic Corp
Includes the following in an anti-static bag:
RS-232 Board 5080-0006 1 (in stock)
Cable, flat, 20 position, 5" 8120-001 1 (sold out)
Cable, flat, 8 position, 8.5" 8120-0010 1 (sold out)
Cable, DC power 8120-0022 1 (sold out)
Screws, #6 x 3/8 0510-0001 4 (sold out)
Installation Instructions 1 (in stock)

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