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When I first uploaded these files from 360K IBM-formatted didks in 2011 I did not know who founded or managed this group. From the disks and content I surmised that PCPUG was active in the mid 1980's and that they operated in Wilmington, Delaware USA. Fast-forward to 2020. While working on the computer at Kennett Classic ( in Kennett Square, in walks a gentleman named Glann Bleakney who saw the comptuer museum sign and thought he'd peek in to see what was in there. From our conversation I learned he was one of a founder and former president of PC-PUG, and he was familiar with the disk archive because he helped manage it. What a coincidence!

Click "readme.cfm to read a copy of the text file that appears on the first diskette, labeled 000, which also contains a catalog of the entire collection. Most of the files can be downloaded individually, but if you want to grab the entire archive download the ZIP file linked below. It's virus-free.

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Name Size
PC-PUG 1,699,483 KB
048 DIR
050 DIR
051 DIR
000 DIR
043 DIR
045 DIR
049 DIR
062 DIR
069 DIR
072 DIR
086 DIR
089 DIR
readme.cfm 3,645 KB
073 DIR
090 DIR
095 DIR


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