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Herb Johnson writes about this image:

"..On the disk image somewhere on the boot tracks, probably the BIOS area, is this string:

Morrow Designs 58K CP/M 2.2 E4
BC: DJ/DMA 5 1/4",
DE: DJ/DMA 8" this confirms it's a boot disk from a DJ/DMA system, plus a HDC/DMA hard-disk controller. So the BIOS and disk code on the boot tracks, apparently supports running both. I don't know if there's sources on the disk. There's a .ZMA set of files which my guess would be Z80 assembler, but I don't know..."

See also: Herb's "how to do CP/M" Web page."

Larry K writes:

I've got a good Directory listing of that 8" Floppy Disk, and have all the files extracted.

All of the .MAC and .BAS files I have looked at look sane. Some of the .for and others don't look sane, but I'm not sure if that is really a problem or not.

The Document MORROW.TXT has specific instructions on each and every step I took to get to the files. I'm using cpmtools ver 2.21 built with libdsk ver 1.5.4 on Debian 8.x (32 Bit)

I'm not 100% sure what the original person was wanting off the 8" floppy. Maybe they can extract the information they needed. (I just blew away the Boot tracks, with zero's, and rebuilt Track 0, Head 0, to be 8 x1024 Bytes. Then cpmtools didn't barf.

Grab a copy of, Download the file, save it, extract,and view the MORROW.TXT file. All extracted files are in the morrow subdirectory.

But, as always, there could be a BUG in my cpmtools/libdsk definitions. All the files I checked seem to be valid and sane, but I have no way to test the .com and .ZBA files?

What software creates the .ZBA files? Some basic Compiler? I've never seen that .EXT.

Feel free to post info as needed. If they need more help I'll try my best.



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