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Replace Dead Motherboard

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  by Bill Degnan - 04/09/2017 22:17
Dell Dimension 466V
The motherboard of the XPS referred to above died. I found a "non XPS" version of the Dimension 466V to use as the source of a replacement motherboard. It cane with a 3.5 drive and sound blaster card and a working mother board. The vanilla 466V is not exactly the same as the XPS 466V but with a few changes I was able to upgrade it to an "XPS". Compare with above picture of the front panel label. Click image for larger view.

Dell Dimension 466V VGA port
The 466V motherboard has an internal VGA port, which is not present on the XPS version. This image shows the internal port and the jumper one has to remove in order to use a video card instead. Click image for larger view.

Sound Blaster CT1740
I removed the less-capable Sound Blaster CT1740 because it was missing the CSP/ASP chip (see empty socket in this image). Click image for larger view.

Cache RAM Dimension 466V motherboard
I migrated the cache RAM from the XPS motherboard into the open slots of the "non XPS" motherboard. The cache slots are not oriented the same as the XPS, but I guessed correctly where the chips should go. Click image for larger view.

System booted, works. While I was there I also added more RAM, so it's actually better now than before the motherboard died.

I did not bother to investigate whether than XPS 466V ROMS are any different than the "non XPS" ... I am unsure if XPS just means that it came with a nicer external video card and cache RAM pre-installed or more. As I sid, the motherboards are a litter different. I did not remove the CPU heat synch's on each mobo to check the CPU chips for differences. I am guessing they're the same. If anyone sees this post and has either model just remember their very close but not exactly the same. There is very little online about the 466V's.

Dell 466V pics



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