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UNIVAC Proposal to Philip Morris 11-1968


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  UNIVAC Proposal to Philip Morris 11-1968 by Bill Degnan - 11/18/2016 08:57
Model calling for backups. UNIVAC 9300 system. Click image for larger view

UNIVAC 9200 brochure
UNIVAC 9200 brochure cover. Sperry Rand liked their UNIVAC product models making phone calls. Or maybe they're calling product support. Or maybe Sperry Rand hires its product models to also work in their customer support department. Click image for larger view

I picked these images from the brochures included with the following proposal to Philip Morris dated November 1, 1968. I really love the pretty, hot, psychedelic photos of women and their UNIVAC 9000 series hardware. This is an excellent higher-level overview of the UNIVAC 418-III and 9400 systems, including comparison of the IBM 360 model equivalents. One can learn a lot from a sales proposals, I hope you find this scan as interesting as I do.

UNIVAC DTC 2000 info
A page from the UNIVAC DTC 2000 brochure. More women, more phone calls. Click image for larger view

UNIVAC 9300 System Brochure Cover
Not sure what they're selling with these UNIVAC systems, but this 9300 system brochure looks more like a Pink Floyd album cover than a computer company brochure. Click image for larger view

Here is the introduction found in the proposal:

"..UNIVAC is pleased to submit a preliminary proposal in response to the referenced inquiry. The attached proposal includes budgetary pricing which will enable planning and appropriations request for the subject system.

The UNIVAC offering, developed jointly between the Data Processing and Federal Systems Division, presents two approaches to the digital subsystem requirement. One approach would provide a central site digital subsystem for both the data acquisition and data analysis function. The second approach offers a digital subsystem for data acquisition and remote transmission to a larger digital machine for analysis/reports. Identical analog subsystems have been configqred for either the central site or the remote digital analysis approach.

A pricing summary is attached in table form. The digital subsystem pricing is presented with figures for purchase, lease and maintenance. The digital subsystem prices are catalogue items; therefore, prices are firm. The analog subsystem prices are best estimates based on assumptions made in┬Ělieu of specific technical data which will be needed to arrive at firm pricing.
Software and systems engineering also are based on special software items which need further definition.

Several technical approaches are described in the technical discussion.
An analog "hard wired" technique is recommended based on the close proximity of the various instruments to the proposed central computer site. The analog subsystem proposal covers the

Download the entire proposal

"These cards are for Tran. Is Tran the foreign guy?" UNIVAC 9200 system in the background. Click image for larger view

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