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Winnebego Handheld Code Scanner


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  Winnebego Handheld Code Scanner by Bill Degnan - 09/27/2016 15:45
The Winnebego Handheld Programmable Code Scanner circa. 1998. Click image for larger view.

The Winnebego Handheld scanners were among the many other peripherals advertised in the back pages of mid-90's Byte and PC magazines.

I was reading the Sept 1995 Byte and I noticed a competitor's ad did not have an Internet address1. Turns out that very few Byte advertisers encourage their customers to "check out our web site" in September 1995, business had not yet adopted web pages.

I left Zeneca and started my web design company on October 9th 1995. It seemed at the time like there was a huge market for this thing called the web, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a 25 year old...

Back to this particular piece of hardware, the thing does not power up. I have the cable, power supply, etc. Did not spend much time to diagnose the problem. Probably fixable, need to open and investigate.

1 Byte Oct 1995, page 310.



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