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DEC Pictures - PDP, VAX, Alpha Pics


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  DEC Pictures - PDP, VAX, Alpha Pics by Bill Degnan - 04/04/2015 21:35
Two Digital PDP 11/40 computers. Both are housed in 72" cabinets The left cabinet contains a standard front panel and on the right stands a PDP 11/40 "industrial11" type.

Picked up a few new restoration projects for me and some friends including a PDP 11/40 "industrial 11" and regular PDP 11/40.

Other items include some Altair 8800b-T unit with drives, two Alpha Servers, two VAX Servers, two PDP 11/34's, two PDP 11/44's, and related parts and peripherals. I will create separate threads for each as they're restored.




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