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PET 2001-8 Internal Cassette Restoration


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  PET 2001-8 Internal Cassette Restoration by Bill Degnan - 05/31/2014 09:08
PET 2001 internal cassette drive belt
Commodore PET 2001-8 internal cassette drive with cover removed. This photo was taken after two repairs were made. First the original belt was removed and replaced using a donor CN2 cassette. Second I repaired the cable that connects to the motherboard. Click image for larger view.

The Commodore CN2 drive belt can be transplanted into the internal cassette drive. It's easy to remove the belt from a CN2 external cassette. To install into the internal cassette just loosen the clamp above the motor wheel and slide into place. Note that the "L" clamp does not actually touch the motor wheel, but it's close enough that the belt can't be pulled through it. Make note of the clearance and remember to re-tighten the cover's screw to match how it was originally.

Commodore PET 2001-8 internal cassette read test
The previous owner of this system modified the internal cassette wiring to the motherboard because the edge connector pin was damaged or cut somehow. A bypass wire was installed, but somewhere along the way the solder job lost connection. I made repairs. Click image for larger view.

Before I re-attached the repaired internal cassette to the chassis I plugged it into the rear cassette port and ran a few cassette operations to be sure the drive was functional. (LOAD "TEST PROG", 2).

The schematic indicates that the edge connector of the internal cassette is electronically identical to the external (back of system) cassette edge connector. Test succesful.

PET 2001-8 internal tape test ok
Internal cassette is now functional. Click image for larger view.

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