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TRS 80 Model III VR Data Disk III


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  TRS 80 Model III VR Data Disk III by Bill Degnan - 09/09/2010 12:07
TRS 80 Model III 26-1061 with a number of upgrades including a VR Data Disk III kit

This computer is not pretty, but it has a lot of interesting modifications. The Model 26-1061 is the first of the TRS 80 Model III's, and believe it or not these systems shipped with BASIC level 1. I am not sure if this system's ROMS have been upgraded but I am guessing yes.

This system has the following upgrades:
1) VRdata Disk III (Tandon TM-100-1A SSSD drives, and what I believe is an external drive port
2) Internal speaker kit
3) Parallel printer kit
4) RS232 kit
5) I/O port
View of Bottom Ports

The system works, except that I need to replace drive 1's door latch.

more pictures



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