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Kaypro II pad PLA?


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  Kaypro II pad PLA? by Bill Degnan - 03/14/2010 15:47
Kaypro II Portable.

The computer powers on, but the drive does not spin, nor does the system respond to a warmboot. The picture you see here is actually a still shot of the screen flashing characters in a rotating pattern of gibberish. I *think* the PLA is bad, 81-149C. Once when pressing down the PLA the system almost completed a boot cycle. I tried a known-working Z80, but no change in outcome.

I have had this system for years, but I never took time to see why it does not boot. Finally this weekend I took it apart to find that the inside condition is pretty bad/dirty. Note the rusty port connectors.

For a real Kaypro II lover this system is fixable and I do have a lot of diskettes, but I am going to file this computer as a parts/display unit, not worth attempting to fix. The disk drive chassis has rusty screws holding the drives in place. The PLA or adjoining IC's are fried me thinks. If I came upon another system it would be worth swapping out the PLA to see if that wakes it up, but the A drive may be bad too, and who knows what else.

New Pictures and some older ones.



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