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converting files from ascii to PRG


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  converting files from ascii to PRG by Bill Degnan - 09/06/2009 22:35
Let's say you write, scan, or transfer somehow an ASCII file that contains a BASIC program. How do you get it to your Commodore?

Here is how I do it. The files are here

1. Start with an ASCII listing of your BASIC program. Save it as "myfile.txt"

2. Download all of the files from TOK64 to your PC (MS Windows)

3. This command will copy your code to PRG format

TOK64 /toprg myfile.txt

If that does not work, you may have to type TOK64 /list to see all commands.

4. The program will convert the ASCII program to Commdore PRG

5. Use D64 Editor to pack the PRG file you created (MYFILE.PRG (and any others you may wish to add) into a single disk image. You can start by creating an empty 64 image and then import MYFILE.PRG into it.

6. I use MM64 with RR-net option to write .D64 image to diskette. The files and instruction that you need to set up your MM64 and RR-net are here

7. Test. If your program works but the text is in the form of Commodore ascii graphics characters, add this command at the Commdore prompt

POKE 53272,23 (lower case chars)



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