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CompuPro S-100 Computer


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  CompuPro S-100 Computer by Bill Degnan - 08/28/2009 13:49
I have ben working on a CompuPro S-100 8086/8085 256K RAM system with dual Qume 842 disk drives and a Qume terminal. Pretty beefy. I am working through some disk formats to see how that goes...

More Pictures

  Swpped Qume 842 drives by Bill Degnan - 08/30/2009 13:59
The CompuPro's dual enclosure comes with Qume QumeTrak 842's. My left/boot drive was not operating correctly (usually did not boot). I physically swapped the drives and reversed the D0/D1 jumpers. Now I can boot reliably to CP/M 80 and the other OS's on hand. The right/data drive is still not working however.

  Photos of Qume QumeTrak 842 by Bill Degnan - 09/01/2009 13:51

The SN label from one of the two Qume QumeTrak 842 drives installed in a CompuPro enclosure. This drive was sold along with the CompuPro S-100 system.

Detailed pictures

  Manual Qume QumeTrak 842 by Bill Degnan - 09/01/2009 13:56
Here is a link to the manual for troubleshooting a QumeQumeTrak 842 -

In the general description section on page 11 it states that:

"They (the 842) also provide both electrical and physical
interface compatibility with the Shugart SA850
Disk Drive."

OK. So if I can't get the Qume drive to work, I can swap it with an SA 850.

  CompuPro OS Screen Shots by Bill Degnan - 09/01/2009 14:00
Here are some pictures of the operating systems I have been able access so far with just the left drive. I can't do too much without the 2nd drive however. The Qume QVT-108 terminal is not capable of correctly displaying all of the programs so I used my laptop as a terminal.

  CompuPro 8085 / 8088 by Daniel Roganti - 09/02/2009 13:13
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  Qume Qumetrak 842 --> Shugart SA850 by Bill Degnan - 09/27/2009 14:33
I traded a Tandon 848 drive for a Shugart SA850 at the Vintage Computer Festival East 6.0.

Shugart SA 850 / 851 manual:

If you're curious, the CompuPro "Disk 1 Technical Manual" has a jumper settings chart on page 24 and the top of 25. The settings are for the use of the CompuPro Disk 1 controller, but you can also use it for other applications because it gives clues about differences between the drives. I did not notice the shunt settings on page 25 until afterwards so I also had to guess these jumpers using trial and error.

Here are the drives supported by the CompuPro Disk 1 S-100 card
Shugart 800/801
Shugart 850/851
Qume Qumetrak 842 (and related)
Siemens Model FDD 100-8
Tandon 848
Mitsubishi Model M2894-63

  Disk 1 2716 ePROM listing by Bill Degnan - 05/05/2015 09:17
Disk 1 2716 ePROM listing - download here.

  Compupro Disk Images by Bill Degnan - 10/29/2016 21:28
Uploaded a set of disk images from this system. Many are 19.2 baud so when you use them set your terminal appropriately. The rest of 9600b.

CP/M 86
CP/M 80
Concurrent DOS
Wordstar and Dbase II
C compilier




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