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Another IBM 5150 rev "A"


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  Another IBM 5150 rev "A" by Bill Degnan - 06/05/2008 15:43
I received another IBM Personal Computer model 5150 16K/64K motherboard with the black power supply.

The system came with a Plus Hardcard 20, an extra 64K card (combined with the motherboard RAM = 128K system), dual IBM 36 drives with stock controller, and the IBM monochrome monitor card.

Initial boot:
9010 201 +

(...I then pressed F2 to clear the error, followed by...)


I removed the Plus Hardcard 20 and rebooted.

This time I only got the PARITY CHECK 2 error message.

I checked the jumper settings and re-seated the RAM.

System booted perfectly, both drives work.

The serial number is 0239462 and the ROM is dated 10/27/82, one year newer than the MARCH IBM PC 5150 previously restored and discussed in this blog.

I then tried the PLus Hardcard 20 again. I am not sure if I need the driver or special boot disk, but I get a 1701 error indicating that the drive is detected but there's a problem with drive. These are interesting cards - a hard drive on a card.

The restoration took all of 15 minutes.




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