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Document Update - More Docs!


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  Document Update - More Docs! by Bill Degnan - 04/15/2008 21:31
Partial list #2 of docs

Gemini-10x/15x Users Manual 1983
[Commodore, Apple, Atari, IBM PC, Osborne 1, TRS 80 compatible printer]

Biorythm A Personal Science by Bernard Gittelson Special Edition First Printing 1977

Uni-Ops Technical "Books UNIX & C" magazine
Volume 4, #1 Jan 1989

Wunderbuss I/O Controller Technical Reference Manual Rev 1, 1981 (order a copy here):

Fulcrum Computer Products 1981
IMSAI Compatible Products List!

General Instrument
Microelectronics Product Guide 1980

Industrial Devices Inc Off the shelf Indicator Lights for all products and purposes - Non-relampable / LED / Relampable

Educational Microcomputer Systems (EMS) M68K 68000 Single Board Computer Brochure

Educational Microcomputer Systems (EMS)M68K MD512K Memory - Disk Controller Board Brochure

Fluke 8020A Instruction Manual 1977 with 10/78 errata update (2 of these)

Jameco Electronics 1982 Catalog
Jameco Electronics 1979 Catalog

Electronic Technician/Dealer August 1977
with Fluke 8020A review, and "how to read and draw a schematic" articles

Advanced Computer Products Inc. 1982 Edition Catalog

TDL Product Info
Technical Design Labs Inc. of Trenton NJ
Accessories for Altair or IMSAI computer and Z-80 product line

Personal Computer Corporation
Frazer Mall in Frazer, PA
"Personal Compuer System"
1980 ?

Tarbell Electronics
"The Tarbell Cassette Interface" (For Altair 8800 Users" typed brochure with specs and ordering info.
by Donald E. Tarbell

Pro-Tech-Tronics Commodore Catalog 1987 ?

Data General Nova 4/X Product Brief 1978

Data General Model 6099 DG/DISC Subsystem 1979

Data General Model 6097 1.26 Megabyte DG/Diskette Product Brief 1980

Data General Nova 4/S Product Brief 1978

Data General Communications Systems DG/CS Synchronous Line Multiplexor SLM-2 Series Product Brief 1975

Data General Communications Systems DG/CS Asynchronous Line Multiplexor ALM-16 Series Product Brief 1975, 1977

Data General Communications Systems DG/CS Data Control Unit DCA/200 Product Brief 1978

Data General Dasher TP2 Terminal Printers Model 6075, 6076, 6077, 6078 Product Brief 1978

Data General Dasher D100 and D200 Display Terminals 6106, 6107, 6108, 6109 Product Brief 1979

Data General Dasher D100 and D200 Display Terminals color brochure

Mini Term Associates
The Intelligent Video Interface sales brochure/specs/mailer 1976

Lear Siegler, Inc.
LSi Data Equipment
The ADM-1 Display Terminal color brochure

IMSAI Manufacturing Corporation Rev 1/77
"The Microcomputer System That's Easy To Take" color brochure

National Teletypewriter Corp. Equipment for Sale with prices 8/15/76

Cromemco's Z-1 Microprosessor Development System for the Z-80 Microprocessor 1976

Microcomputer Applications Handbook and how to docs and posters of processors, etc. 1976

Mountain Computer Incorporated
Diskette Duplicator Operating Manual
(IBM PC/Apple/Tandy)
(The briefcase computer)



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